Jason Krieser

Chief Executive Officer

Jason leads the global strategic direction of Aspen Surgical.  He holds a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, MIT and an MBA from SMU.  He brings impressive leadership experience to Aspen. Jason’s mission is to grow the Aspen business by leveraging our culture that is rooted in transparency, respect, passion, speed, empowerment, & fun.  “At Aspen, we have a unique combination of talent, culture, and product offering.  We are a team that wants to win and it’s fun to be a part of that.”



Greg Muller

Chief Financial Officer 

Greg has 20+ years of corporate finance experience and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics & accounting from IU-Bloomington. He has been highly involved in business acquisitions, divestitures & integrations. “First, it’s NOT only about the balancing the checkbook. Our job is to make sure everyone has access to and understands the numbers to help guide decisions.  We have done a lot of winning over the last few years and I couldn’t be more pumped about the opportunities that lie ahead for us!”




Emil Pietri Perazza

VP and General Manger, Las Piedras

Emil leads the Puerto Rico Operations.  He holds a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, in Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Emil brings 28+ years of experience in the Medical Device Industry. He is passionate about extreme ownership & preaches that “Leadership should be an infectious principle that enables an organization towards its continuous excellence & growth.” 



Jeffrey Stephen

VP of Operations

Jeff is responsible for global distribution, engineering, and Caledonia manufacturing.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Penn State.  Jeff is passionate about the application of continuous improvement in a real-world environment to drive best in class results.   “I am proud of the path that Aspen is on. Our team can overcome any obstacle with the right approach, teamwork and understanding of real customer value.”



Jake Maloy

VP of US Field Sales

Jake is responsible for US Field Sales and driving top line revenue and meaningful margin contribution to the business.  Jake holds a bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Air Force Academy.  He is passionate about strengthening a powerful team of professionalism, fun, accountability and sales results that exceed expectations. “In 2011, I jumped at the opportunity to join this winning Aspen Team. There has never been another time when we have been poised for this high level of growth and greatness.”



Kurt Kapfer

VP of Global Corporate Accounts

Kurt is responsible for Global Corporate Sales: Distribution, Kit and OEM customers.  Kurt holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in Marketing & Management. He is excited about expanding our portfolio and continuing to find ways to leverage our corporate channels to accelerate growth.  “I am blessed to be working with friends and associates who feel like family and have faith that our collective ethics, communication and focus on the customer will take us to new heights.”



Mary Hannon

VP of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Mary is responsible for Aspen’s product portfolio, branding, and communications strategy.  Mary holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame.  She is passionate about products that make a difference for our customers and the patients they serve.  “I am so proud of Aspen’s growth in the 12 years I have been here, and yet, I know that there is so much more opportunity for growth and learning.  The best is yet to come.”




Sandra Boland LeBeuf

VP of Human Resources

Sandra leads the global HR & People strategy.  She holds a master’s degree in Organizational Development from WMU.  She has led the HR function in various capacities in her career in large and medium size multi-nationals. Sandra spent over 3 years in the Netherlands leading the HR multi-national function. She is passionate about talent management, HR excellence and change management.  “Aspen is embarking on an amazing journey with amazing talent. It is a culture I am so blessed to be part of!”



Kerry Turner

VP of Quality Assurance

Kerry is an accomplished Quality and Regulatory professional with 20+ years of progressive, results-driven experience. Kerry holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA in Quantitative Analysis. “I love being a part of an organization that rebukes phrases like ‘we’ve always done it like this’. The status quo and tacit knowledge is always challenged. It is glorious and sets a foundation for infinite possibilities.”  




Christopher Dukes

VP of Information Technology

As the VP of IT, Chris is responsible for Aspen’s global IT strategy. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Administration from Kalamazoo College and has over 2 decades of experience in IT. Chris combines his technical experience and strategic business acumen to drive value through efficient and secure IT solutions that enable growth. “The energy and culture within Aspen is fantastic and I am proud to be a part of our continued success. There are great things in store for us!”