Aspen Surgical Products awarded AORN Seal of Recognition™

Aspen Surgical Products, Inc. is excited to announce that on March 20, 2012 the company was awarded an AORN Seal of Recognition™ for its in-service presentation entitled “Safety: The Only Choice for Patients & Staff.” This presentation highlights national figures on the major drivers for injury, infection, and other medical errors within the healthcare setting. It provides recommendations for ways in which to foster a safer environment through products and process, while also defining the positive impact to patients, staff, and the bottom line. The Seal of Recognition™ is awarded to training and in-service materials that have been reviewed by AORN and that meet the AORN Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices. It does not imply that AORN approves or endorses any product or service mentioned in any presentation, format, or content.

To obtain further information about this in-service presentation, please contact Mary Hannon at