InnerVent™ Instrument Tip Protectors

Quantity/Packaging: 100/bag


  • Designed to protect medical instruments from damage during sterilization, storage, and handling
  • Many styles and configurations meet protection needs of many instruments and better protect valuable instruments, reducing monthly repair or replacement costs
  • Non-sterile
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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Part No.SizeColorBuy
091117BBG2 x 9 x 25mmOrange, solid
091118BBG2 x 16 x 25mmBrown, solid
091119BBG3 x 25 x 25mmBlack, solid
092117BBG2 x 9 x 25mmClear
092118BBG2 x 16 x 25mmClear
092119BBG3 x 25 x 25mmClear
093117BBG2 x 9 x 25mmOrange, tinted
093118BBG2 x 16 x 25mmBrown, tinted
093119BBG3 x 25 x 25mmBlack, tinted