U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector


  • Transparent butterfly patch makes application and removal easy and accurate, reducing valuable nursing time
  • Compatible and comfortable for male and female anatomy
  • Double-chambered construction with no-flow back valve keeps urine away from skin to help prevent irritation and chance of contaminating the urine specimen
  • Adhesive patch can be folded in half to send sealed specimen to the lab
  •  Preemie size ideal for NICU use with low birth weight infants
  • Designed with an infant’s tender skin in mind
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Part No.DescriptionStyleSterilityQtyBuy
7533Pediatric (200mL)24-HourSterile50/Box
7537Newborn (100mL)24-HourSterile50/Box
7531Pediatric (200mL)Single SpecimenSterile100/Box
7535Newborn (100mL)Single SpecimenSterile100/Box
7540Preemie (10mL)Single SpecimenSterile100/Box