Protek™ Sterile Director™ Single-Gauge Needle Guides

  • For precise needle placement during ultrasound-guided procedures
  • Easily attaches to Protek™ general purpose brackets (excluding GE Healthcare)
  • Large funnel for easy needle placement
  • Quick-release feature allows needle to be removed mid-procedure
  • No assembly required
  • Available in 9 gauges (13-16Ga, 18Ga, 20-22Ga, 25Ga)
  • PullUp™ probe cover kit contains 5.5″ x 48″ polyurethane probe cover, sterile gel, 2 bands
  • Sterile, intended for single-use
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Part No.GaugeKit contentPackagingBuy
1-535-401313GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-401414GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-401515GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-401616GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-401818GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-402020GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-402121GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-402222GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-402525GaNeedle guide24/Box
1-535-421616GaNeedle guide/PullUp™ probe cover kit 24/Box
1-535-421818GaNeedle guide/PullUp™ probe cover kit 24/Box
1-535-422222GaNeedle guide/PullUp™ probe cover kit 24/Box