Surgical Skin Markers


  • Intended to provide an accurate and reliable way to mark the incision site prior to surgery
  • Contains gentian violet ink
  • Variety of barrel and tip options available depending on preference
  • Intended for single-use
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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Part No.PackagingSterilityBrandStyleSetBuy
1003-00-PDG100/boxNon-sterileSecurline®Taper TipMarker & Ruler Set
1002-00-PDG100/boxSterileSecurline®Taper TipMarker & Ruler Set
100L-00-PDG100/boxSterileSecurline®Taper TipMarker, Ruler, & Label Set
1000-00-PDG10/box, 10 boxes/caseSterileSecurline®Taper TipMarker & Ruler Set
2755BN100/boxNon-sterileWriteSite®Multi-InkMarker Only
275512/boxSterileWriteSite®Multi-InkMarker Only
2778BN100/boxNon-sterileWriteSite®DualMarker Only
277750/boxSterileWriteSite®DualMarker Only
2900BN100/boxNon-sterileWriteSite®Small PreoperativeMarker Only
273050/boxSterileRichard-Allan®Taper TipMarker, Ruler, & Label Set
275050/boxSterileRichard-Allan®Modern Regular TipMarker, Ruler, & Label Set
265050/boxSterileRichard-Allan®Classic Regular TipMarker, Ruler, & Label Set
263050/boxSterileRichard-Allan®Classic Fine TipMarker, Ruler, & Label Set