Perforated Drains

Packaging: 10/Case


  • Discrete drain with our unique channel designed to help prevent collapsing or kinking
  • Discrete drains contain internal ribs to help prevent collapse and occlusion of the drain
  • 10mm discrete drain offers minimal transition from the drain hub to the drain tubing for ease of removal and added patient comfort
  • Hubless styles also available
  • Soft, silicone material
  • Available with or without extra sharp stainless steel trocars
  • Radiopaque
  • Sterile, intended for single-use, and not made with natural rubber latex
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Part No.SizeTrocarDrainPerforationBuy
370004Flat 7mm x 20cm N/ADiscrete Drain3/4 Perf
370005Flat 10mm x 20cmN/ADiscrete Drain3/4 Perf
370006Flat 7mm x 20cmN/ADiscrete DrainFull Perf
370007Flat 10mm x 20cmN/ADiscrete DrainFull Perf
370000Flat 7mm x 20cmWith TrocarDiscrete Drain3/4 Perf
370001Flat 10mm x 20cmWith TrocarDiscrete Drain3/4 Perf
370002Flat 7mm x 20cmWith TrocarDiscrete DrainFull Perf
370003Flat 10mm x 20cm With TrocarDiscrete DrainFull Perf
360004Flat 7mm x 20cmN/AHubless Drain3/4 Perf
360005Flat 10mm x 20cmN/AHubless Drain3/4 Perf
360006Flat 7mm x 20cmN/AHubless DrainFull Perf
360007Flat 10mm x 20cmN/AHubless DrainFull Perf
360000Flat 7mm x 20cmWith TrocarHubless Drain3/4 Perf
360002Flat 7mm x 20cmWith TrocarHubless DrainFull Perf
360003Flat 10mm x 20cmWith TrocarHubless DrainFull Perf
370020Round 7 FRN/ADiscrete DrainEnd-Perf
370021Round 10 FRN/ADiscrete DrainEnd-Perf
370022Round 15 FRN/ADiscrete DrainEnd-Perf
370023Round 19 FRN/ADiscrete DrainEnd-Perf
370016Round 7 FRWith TrocarDiscrete DrainEnd-Perf
370017Round 10 FRWith TrocarDiscrete DrainEnd-Perf
370018Round 15 FRWith TrocarDiscrete DrainEnd-Perf
370019Round 19 FRWith TrocarDiscrete DrainEnd-Perf