At, Aspen Surgical, we take our purpose and mission very seriously. Every day, we strive to make a difference. Every day, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Every day, we provide quality products, impeccable customer service, and a consultative approach to ensure that our customers are driving optimal patient results and fostering a culture of safety. We believe in the strength of our products, but it is our People, Quality, Manufacturing Capabilities, Brands, and Safety Solutions that truly sets us apart.

If you're interested in becoming an Aspen Surgical products reseller, please review the initial requirements below. If your organization meets these, please accept using the button below and complete the reseller application form on the next page and email it to

  1. Resellers will use commercially reasonable best efforts to purchase during each calendar year products with aggregate price in the minimum amount of $30,000.00 (the Minimum Purchase Target). Reseller acknowledges that satisfaction of the Minimum Purchase Target is a material obligation necessary to justify Aspen Surgical’s ongoing administrative support of the distribution relationship. Failure to satisfy the Minimum Purchase Target will be a basis for Aspen Surgical to cancel or terminate the reseller.
  2. Resellers shall provide to Aspen Surgical monthly sales tracing reports identifying the end-users to whom Aspen Surgical products were sold. Reports will be submitted electronically by the 10th day of the month following the month that is covered by the report. Failure to satisfy the Sales Trace Requirements will be a basis for Aspen Surgical to cancel or terminate the reseller.
  3. Aspen Surgical requires resellers to have and maintain their own sales force, as well as product inventory.
  4. Reseller is authorized to promote, sell, and deliver Products only in the territory comprised of the United States, unless reseller is authorized in writing by Aspen Surgical to sell internationally.

I have read and understand the above policies of Aspen Surgical and would like to apply to become a reseller.