Operating Room Safety is a guiding principle at Aspen Surgical. We are committed to developing, manufacturing, and selling products that help to support Patient & Staff Safety in the Operating Room environment. To help assess your safety needs, our sales representatives are available to conduct supply chain walkthroughs and facilitate safety in-service trainings. Once safety needs have been identified, Aspen Surgical offers a number of products including Bard-Parker® Protected Blades and Scalpels, Bard-Parker® Sharps Safety Accessories, Colby™ Fluid Management Products, and ErgoSupport® Ergonomic Safety Products, as well as WriteSite® Surgical Marking Pens, and Richard-Allan® Utility Markers to help facilities take charge of Operating Room Safety. This allows staff to focus on the patient and the task at hand, while also complying with guidelines and recommendations put forth by those such as OSHA, AORN, and the Joint Commission.