At Aspen every employee understands that our first priority is to produce quality products for our customers. Achieving this goal creates many opportunities for Aspen. One of our favorite opportunities is creating growth and career paths for our employees.

While focusing on quality is a top priority at Aspen, you will also find yourself having fun and growing professionally. When you join Aspen, you will find yourself in a fast paced environment that constantly changes as we continue to grow and find new and better ways to serve our customers. You will find yourself growing professionally and continuing to learn new skills. You and your peers will work across multiple departments to solve problems and analyze opportunities.

Your professional growth will also be balanced with the opportunity to grow socially. Aspen looks for talent by identifying people with winning characteristics. We feel a winning team is made up of diverse people who have are calm, focused, and have a positive attitude. We look for people who enjoy coming to work and are passionate about achieving results.

Overall, our mission is to continue to grow while maintaining a small company feel. We enjoy each other and take time to celebrate our successes!