Suction Tube Cleaning Brush

Quantity/Packaging: 2/pack


  • Brushes are designed to fit into and effectively clean very small bore devices and instruments used in surgery, MIS, and therapy procedures today
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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Part No.Brush head diameterBrush lengthBristle lengthBuy
241014BBG12 French (4mm, 0.158")8".5"
241013BBG11 French (3.7mm, 0.144")8".5"
241012BBG10 French (3.3mm, 0.131")8".5"
241011BBG9 French (3mm, 0.118")8".5"
241009BBG8 French (2.7mm, 0.105")8".5"
241008BBG7 French (2.3mm, 0.092")8".5"
241006BBG6 French (2mm, 0.079")8".5"
241005BBG5 French (1.67mm, 0.066")6".5"
241003BBG3 French (1mm, 0.039")6".5"