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    Superior visualization and control

    • Anatomical curved shape supports atraumatic insertion and provides anatomic fit
    • Visualizes vital structures around the cervix and identifies where to safely seal and divide the uterine vessels
    • Protects the ureters from trauma or accidental injury
    • Provides a guideline for bladder dissection and colpotomy
    • Maintains pneumoperitoneum after colpotomy

    Versatile, practical, safe

    • Airtight trocar cap prevents loss of insufflation
    • Three instrument access ports (5mm/12mm/14mm) provide convenient entry and exit points for needle and suture for vaginal vault repair
    • Functions as specimen removal conduit, e.g. for the uterus, lymph nodes and ovarian cysts
    • Withstands both electrosurgical and ultrasonic energy
    • A small hole and slit at the tip of the tube for holding sutures, with ribbing at the neck of tube for clamping in position
    • Medical grade liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and polypropylene. Latex free.
    • Available in two sizes: 35mm and 45mm