Aspen™ Specialty Disposable Light Handle designed with Trumpf

Part # LT-ALC01
LT-ALC01 Specialty Disposable Light Handle
LT-ALC01 Specialty Disposable Light Handle
  • Technical Specifications
    Technical Specifications:
    • Color: Green
    • Lifespan: Single-use
    • Sterilization Status: Sterile

    Safety Specifications:
    • Latex-Free: Yes
  • Resources
  • Features
    • Designed to have a similar look and feel as the Trumpf Medical™ reusable handle
    • Works with all Trumpf Medical™ ALC plus surgical lights, including the TruLight™ 5000 and iLED® 3/5
    • Lens clarity is equivalent to the reusable handle, providing rapid response of the laser and sensor
    • Ultra-durable lens and a snap-on feature that helps allow quick and easy installation and removal
    • Light intensity can be adjusted with the touch sensors while the disposable handle is being used
    • Intended for single-use
    • Not made with natural rubber latex