Port ClosOR PRO™

Part # PC-120
  • Technical Specifications
    Technical Specifications:
    • Gauge: 14ga
    • Jaw Type: Crochet Hook
    • Lifespan: Single-use
    • Sterilization Status: Sterile

    • Length: 150 mm

    Safety Specifications:
    • Latex-Free: Yes
  • Resources
  • Features

    Effective suture placement

    • Sterile, single-use 14-gauge stainless steel needle
    • Spring-loaded blunt stylet inside the needle sleeve
    • Notched end of the stylet – “hook” – used to capture and hold the suture securely
    • Sharp needle tip enables fast and controlled penetration through all abdominal layers

    Cleans trocars throughout the procedure

    • 5-8mm and 10-12mm trocar swabs
    • Radiopaque, rigid but flexible trocar swabs
    • Soft, non-abrasive surgical foam tip
  • Overview

    The Port ClosOR PRO™ is used for suturing of port and trocar sites following laparoscopic procedures. Utilising a spring loaded, blunt stylet mechanism, the Port ClosOR™ passes sutures securely through subcutaneous tissues, including fascia and peritoneum. Its simple design allows for ease of hooking the suture and extracting it through the abdominal wall to facilitate manual ligation.

    The complementary trocar swabs assist surgeons in removing any fluid and debris that may have accumulated within the tracer valve throughout the procedure. By simply addressing this problem the Port ClosOR™ prevents the laparoscope from smudging during reinsertion and therefore minimising the disruption of the procedural flow.