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    • Intrauterine balloon (10cc) stabilizes the Uterine ElevatOR PRO™ within
      the uterine cavity and facilitates control of the uterus without the risk of trauma to the uterine wall
    • Optional Occluder balloon maintains the pneumoperitoneum pre-and post- colpotomy
    • Rigid shaft provides stable manipulation and elevation of even larger fibrotic uteri
    • Ergonomic handle provides surgeons with a comfortable hand position to facilitate firm, controlled
      manipulation of the uterus and distension of vaginal fornices accessing critical surgical landmarks
    • Anatomical (s-curved) design conforms to the patient’s anatomy, providing easy insertion at variable
      depths and offers an anatomic range of motion (anteversion, retroversion, and lateral movement)
    • Four cervical cup sizes (32mm, 35mm, 37mm, and 40mm) facilitate anatomical variations in
      anatomy to ensure optimal distension of vaginal fornices and better identification of vital structures
    • Vaginal cup secures the cervical cup in position and occludes the vagina to assist in maintaining
    • Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (EFTE) cervical cups offer high-temperature resistance and may be
      used with electrosurgical or harmonic energy sources
    • Dye injection port supports diagnostic laparoscopic, minilaparotomy, and fertility exams
    • Single-piece, fully assembled device reduces procedural setup time
    • Not made with natural rubber latex