Bovie Electrodes and Tips: Which One Is Right for You

August 03, 2015

Electrosurgery is one of the most important procedure types for modern medical professionals that need to make clean, precise surgical cuts. If you are trying to find the best electrosurgery accessories, look no further than the electrodes and pencils that we offer at Bovie Medical Corporation. Because of the wide array of electrosurgery tools that we provide, you may initially find it difficult to pick the right ones. So here are some of the several different options to meet the diverse challenges involved in modern electrosurgery.

Resistick II™ Coated Electrodes

Some of our most popular accessories to use with Bovie's line of electrosurgical generators are the Resistick II™ line of coated electrodes. In this line, you can choose from coated blades, balls, or needles made for many different uses. For example, the ES39T is an extended modified blade that is six inches long, while the ES18T is a coated blade that is angled at a 45-degree angle. The balls in this line are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 5 mm and are ideal for when you need to perform desiccation and coagulation. Needles in the Resistick line are typically used in the cut mode, at a lower power setting to minimize surrounding tissue damage and are available in sizes ranging from 2.75” to 6”. Beyond the wide array of applications that the Resistick II line can be used in, they are also much easier to clean and maintain due to the proprietary polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating that lends a greater resistance to eschar build-up. They are much easier to clean than similar stainless steel electrodes, thereby speeding up the time needed to perform a procedure, due to less time spent cleaning the electrode.

Suction Coagulators

At Bovie, we are always looking to push the envelope when it comes to electrosurgery. One way that we have done this is through the introduction of our suction coagulators that can be used with hand or foot control. These devices offer suction that can be used with or without coagulation at the same time. They come in diameter sizes of 08, 10, and 12 in French Size.


Our standard pencils can be controlled with a button, rocker, or footswitch. They are also available in models that can be either reused or disposable depending on the needs of the surgeon or facility. Common accessories for these pencils include a multitude of disposable and reusable electrodes, disposable scratch pads and pencil holsters.

Loops And Forceps

Two other common electrosurgery accessories are disposable and reusable loops. Our Loops are made with tungsten wire to offer top quality integrity and shape with a standard 2.3 mm shaft for use in most electrosurgical pencils. These loops are shipped in a protective tray so that they are not damaged when they are delivered. They also include a molded, ribbed safety grip and 100% tested safety insulation.


While not an electrosurgical accessory, Bovie offers a range of different high temperature, low temperature, and Change-a-Tip battery operated cauteries. High temperature cauteries are ideal for procedures like vasectomies, hemostasis, and woven graft sculpting. Low temperature cauteries are best for smaller vessels such as in ophthalmology procedures. All have a four-year shelf-life. Our Change-a-Tip cautery line is perfect for the medical professional concerned with minimizing the cost per procedure when using a battery operated cautery product. These units run on standard AA alkaline batteries and can be used with fine, loop, elongated fine and extended length tips. Electrosurgery requires precision, knowledge, and the right tools for the job. At Bovie we are proud to offer the best quality electrosurgery accessories to all of our customers.

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