SurgiSafe® Absorbent Floor Mats


  • Used to manage infectious waste fluid generated during wet procedures in surgical settings
  • Enables quick OR turnover time by retaining the fluid from the procedure
  • Quickly contain irrigants, blood, and bodily fluids through superior wicking, absorbency, and fluid retention properties
  • Ideal for fluid-intense procedures
  • Non-sterile, intended for single-use, and not made with natural rubber latex

Standard Absorbent Floor Mats:

  • Made with a minimum of 60% pre-consumer recycled material
  • Available in three absorbency levels as well as with and without fluid barrier backing for convenience
  • Pink – High level of fluid absorbency, will absorb 16x’s its dry weight
  • White – Medium level of fluid absorbency, will absorb 14x’s its dry weight
  • Green – Low level of fluid absorbency, will absorb 11x’s its dry weight

Specialty Absorbent Floor Mats:

  • Designed for strength and durability
  • Features low profile design, which allows for foot pedals or stools to roll with ease
  • Offered in large sizes to accommodate surgical procedures where more than one person needs to stand on the mat
  • Blue mat features fluid barrier backing to help keep floor beneath dry and clean
  • Yellow mat absorbs fluid from the top and bottom
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Part No.ColorStyleAbsorbency levelFluid barrier backingSizeQtyBuy
83630-MYellow, WhiteSpecialty, StandardMediumNo36" x 40" (Yellow), 28" x 40" (White)15/case (Yellow), 15/case (White)
83615-2LYellowSpecialtyMediumNo32" x 80"15/case
83625-2LYellowSpecialtyMediumNo32" x 80"12/case
83630-2YellowSpecialtyMediumNo32" x 45"30/case
83610-2YellowSpecialtyMediumNo32" x 45"10/case
81860-2YellowSpecialtyMediumNo16" x 45"60/case
84672BlueSpecialtyMediumYes32" x 72"10/case
84610BlueSpecialtyMediumYes32" x 46"10/case
84625BlueSpecialtyMediumYes32" x 46"25/case
82350BlueSpecialtyMediumYes21" x 44"50/case
830125GreenStandardLowYes28" x 125"24/case
83072GreenStandardLowYes28" x 72"30/case
83030GreenStandardLowYes28" x 40"30/case
84030GreenStandardLowNo28" x 40"30/case
83572WhiteStandardMediumYes28" x 72"30/case
83625-LWhiteStandardMediumNo28" x 72"12/case
83530WhiteStandardMediumYes28" x 40"30/case
83630WhiteStandardMediumNo28" x 40"30/case
83610WhiteStandardMediumNo28" x 40"10/case
81860WhiteStandardMediumNo18" x 40"60/case
818100WhiteStandardMediumNo18" x 21"100/case
81850WhiteStandardMediumNo18" x 21"50/case
83372PinkStandardHighYes28" x 72"30/case
83472PinkStandardHighNo28" x 72"30/case
83330PinkStandardHighYes28" x 40"30/case
83430PinkStandardHighNo28" x 40"30/case