Seven Uses of a High Frequency Desiccator Device

May 2, 2016

More than eighty years ago, Dr. William Bovie invented a device that generated electrical current for use in surgery. Since then, Bovie, the company has used the science behind his electrosurgical findings to develop a robust line of energy-based devices to support the physician office, surgery centers and highly demanding operating rooms. Electrosurgery devices are often misconstrued as a device only for complex surgical procedures; but the modern medical practice can now use low-watt electrosurgery devices for a variety of in-office procedures.

Among the modern electrosurgical tools available, the high frequency desiccator provides many applications for dermatologists and family physicians, most prominently for superficial skin procedures.

Desiccation works delivering electrical energy to tissue using a waveform that dehydrates the tissue causing a coagulation effect. This enables physicians to treat various malignant, pre-malignant or benign lesions in-office quickly and effectively.

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Listed below are seven specific uses of a high frequency desiccator device.

  1. Removal of skin tags that are a nuisance to the patient.
  2. Angiomas – Cherry Angiomas, Spider Angiomas
  3. Telangecstasia or spider veins
  4. Seborrheic keratoses – a non-cancerous growth with a thick surface.
  5. Warts
  6. Pre-Malignant Lesions
  7. Moles or Nevi

Bovie manufactures 4 high frequency desiccator to aid in the performance of simple skin procedures such as those listed above.

The Derm 101 and Derm 102 are new products at Bovie Medical. They are economically priced units which provide 10 watt high frequency desiccators and are designed to enable in-office procedures for minor skin problems. These particular units are a wonderful addition to any family practice doctor facility.

The Bovie Derm 942 high frequency desiccator is a 40 watt high frequency desiccator and is the gold standard for the dermatologist office. Every dermatologist office will have at minimum a 40 watt high frequency desiccator.

The Bovie Bantam|PRO™ 952 is a true hybrid and is the first and only High Frequency Desiccator with Cut. One side is similar to the Aaron 940 desiccator and offers 30 watts of desiccation, while the other side is a true electrosurgical generator which provides cutting capability. This allows the user to perform more in-depth procedures such at MOHS.

Bovie continues to build on the technology introduced by Dr. Bovie so many years ago. Click here to see our the full offering of electrosurgical generators available for the physician, specialty practices, surgery center and hospital OR.